Uniform Sizing

***Please do not submit this form until you are at a uniform fitting*** . Our uniform fittings will be Saturday, August 12th 1pm-4pm or August 19th 1-4pm at Elite Central (Salvation Army) 5328 24th Street East, Bradenton, FL. If you can attend August 12th please do to help us break up the load over two weeks and get a head start. At fittings you will be trying on several items in addition to jerseys. We will have Nike Pro shorts available for visual comparison of waist size. We will also have jackets and kneepads available on-site. We will also have backpacks for reference.

During sizing we will ask for you to use your smartphone to complete the below form. Please submit sizes in the form below. All sizes submitted are final and will be used for purchasing NIKE uniforms. You will receive a confirmation email of the sizes you submitted. Please ensure your sizes are right. In the event you submit the wrong size or need a change, please contact us immediately and notify your coach.

We will send confirmation email of your size selections here so please make sure this email address is accruate. In the event you don’t see a confirmation email from us, please check your spam or blocked messages.
Please select your team
If you still have the Nike Elite Navy backpack from 2023 and it is in good enough condition you may opt for a $40 Backpack refund.
I certify that the above uniform sizes are accurate for the youth athlete referenced. I understand these uniform sizes are considered final and will be used for ordering NIKE team jerseys. Once jerseys are ordered there can be no changes. Any variances from size will be addressed to the best of our ability at Elite Volleyball Prep Academy, however we cannot guarantee resolution of size variances if sizes were submitted incorrectly. By signing, I understand these risks and agree to check email confirmaiton of sizes submitted to ensure accuracy.