Elite Power Clinics


Introducing Elite Power Clinics with Tiago Campos and Nick Behrens – a 90-minute, intense volleyball experience to rapidly improve skill level targeted for advanced athletes. This class will include a maximum of 6 players and will include key focus areas in each clinic (e.g. hitting, serving, passing, setting). The cost of the class is $70 for 90 minutes We recommend this class for individuals once or twice a month. Elite Power Clinics will be held at Elite South at 7172 15th Street East, Sarasota, FL (click for map) . We also offer clinics for beginner and intermediate players so please register no matter the skill level of your youth athlete if you want them to ramp-up quickly.

Registration/Background -Please register below to enter our clinic pool. Players will be assessed for skill level and grouped by age. Players with advanced skill level will enter our power clinics once a pool or spot is available. Other lessons may be needed to improve skill level before entering Power Clinics for some players.

Selection – Once a player has been selected to join Power Clinics, we will contact you. Clinic offering is on a first-come, first-serve basis so register now to join this exciting new clinic offering.


Players are grouped by skill level. Beginners to intermediate players may require skills training before entering a power clinic.