Club Tryouts

Travel Teams Tryouts Overview

2024 tryout dates are here! RSVP now at this link today! Below you will find resources, Q&A and information regarding our tryouts and club. As a reminder to all current and future prospects: We will have an intensified focus on player and family conduct in 2024. Our top priority is club culture. Player behavior will also be assessed along with player ability. Be sure to read through this information for a good overview on travel team volleyball.

Tryout Process

Before we get into various subject areas below, let’s talk the basics for 2024. Here are your basic steps to complete if you are interested in playing for Elite in 2024:

  1. Electronically RSVP for our tryout. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  2. Tryout July 29th-30th (tryout times are available on the RSVP page. Tryouts will consist of various volleyball skills being graded (e.g. serving, hitting, defense/passing, setting, etc. )
  3. Subsequent to tryouts, offer letters will be sent to players selected. Along with offer letter will be membership, financial and conduct agreements that must be accepted. (digitally signed) 
  4. Accept membership and pay down payment ($750) within 48 hours by credit card (pay link forthcoming). Verbal/written commitments will be asked for within 24 hours.
  5. Enroll/subscribe for monthly payments from September – June. Must be paid whether you attend practice or not September-November.

Feel free to contact us on the basic steps above. Now on to additional information about tryouts and travel volleyball:

Volleyball Team Types

Most clubs categorize teams into two types: Travel Teams and AAU “local” teams.  For 2024, Elite Volleyball Prep Academy will be focused on Travel Teams (Red Teams). In extenuating circumstances, we may offer an AAU “local” team to a group of players.  As you consider various clubs, know that travel teams involve significant more time commitment, tuition and travel costs. They also focus on playing at the most competitive level versus balanced playing time for all players. A good proxy for local team costs may be $3k per year including limited travel, with travel teams costing $5-7k per year (or more) depending on travel costs.

Travel Team Costs

Elite Volleyball Prep Academy offers elite-level travel team volleyball with the most court time and lowest cost in the market. Excluding Nationals, most clubs only practice for 5 months (6-6 1/2 if nationals are attended). Elite practices 10 months no matter what. We believe our coaching, court-time and club programs will maximize your player’s development and exposure.

We amortize tuition over 10 months to help families manage their monthly expenses. Tuition is used to cover equipment, facility rental, staff travel, tournament fees, staff salaries and more. Elite Volleyball invests 100% of our proceeds back into the club with a goal of continuous improvement of our volleyball program including coaches, equipment, facilities and experience. Further detail regarding the below summary will be available at tryouts:

Club Culture

Elite Volleyball Prep Academy is not a win-at-all cost or win-first club. We certainly enjoy winning more than losing and aspire to be very competitive in the volleyball space, but our journey is just as important as our outcomes. Our club was formed with an intense focus on creating a positive club culture. This means that no player, staff member, family or otherwise is bigger than the club. It means our conduct as players and families must be the gold standard in our space. Our club must be a place focused on teamwork and inclusion. While all clubs face challenges, it is important for potential athletes and families to think about what type of culture they are looking for and if we are a fit. Governance of behavior and reinforcement of our core values will only be increasing as our club continues its journey. In the end, we are looking to shape leaders to be prepared for high-school and collegiate-level volleyball teams and their cultural requirements therewithin.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need additional information regarding recruiting and other aspects of travel volleyball, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we hope to see you on the court.

Membership Packet

New for 2024, the Membership Packet will be 100% digital. This “digital commitment” package will provide all necessary agreements and payment links if your athlete is selected to play at Elite. Sent upon selection.

AAU Membership

In the event you make a team you will need to be a registered AAU member. Please visit the link below and navigate to the appropriate ELITE team during selection.

AAU Membership Link
USAV Membership

In the event you make a team you will need to be a registered USAV member. Please visit the link below and navigate to the appropriate ELITE team during selection.

USAV Membership Link

Are you the next Elite Volleyball Star?

It is no surprise that Elite Volleyball Prep Academy strives for elite play. We are currently recruiting players in the Suncoast and Tampa Bay area to perform at the highest levels regionally and compete nationally. Our development program offers position-specific focus on a variety of volleyball skills. We will complete a skills assessment and develop a training program to help your athlete reach their full potential. This will also include strength, stamina and agility training at various age levels.

ServingFloat serve specialist
PassingCalm platform
LeadershipWorking to be louder
AggressivenessAttacks ball well