Tiago Campos

Associate Athletic Director & Head VB Coach
Summary Bullet Points

Specialized in developing and improving motor and cognitive skills in athletes, anddiscovering new talents.

Over 15 years of experience teaching Physical Education.

Over 20 years of experience playing and coaching volleyball.

Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (This is a plus to teach how to be resilient and calm when you have to face hard situations )

One Paragraph Personal Bio

Volleyball is my passion and I love to give this to my athletes. I have been a player since 1998 and I have 20 years of experience as a volleyball coach. I have the ability to coach children from 7 years old to adults,beginner to advanced, including coaching beach volleyball as well. I was a professional volleyball player, representing both my city and my state.

I believe physical activity provides athletes with the opportunity to develop their own abilities withina controlled environment, improve their interpersonal and social skills, and in turn achieve their fullpotential in life. This hypothesis comes from my own personal experience of being involved in physicaleducation, from being a member of a volleyball team during my childhood, studying sports at the collegiate level, and having my own Fitness Center. These experiences have provided me with opportunities to developthe strategy and characteristics needed for coaching athletes at various ages and levels.

I have played at some of the highest levels of volleyball in Brazil. I first met Coach Nick playing sand volleyball and this duo rocked the Suncoast with our play ever since. 


Notre Dame University of  Campinas-Sao Paulo- Master’s degree in Physical Education

Previous Experience

Clube Guarani / Notre Dame 1992-1994

Olympikus Telesp – 1994-1998

Clube Fonte Sao Paulo 1998-2002 

Melhoramentos volleyball club 2002-2004



Contact Info

Phone : 1-(941)-718-3297
Email : [email protected]